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Pop & Clover Sodas are natural fruit based sparkling sodas, evoking the Irish summer hedgerows and meadows using Australian foraged fruits and botanicals.


Each small batch is handmade with organic sugar, water and fruit & botanicals. Fresh fruit is locally foraged responsibly or grown by the makers and mixed together. Ingredients are wild fermented for 12 hours before being strained & bottled. The effect is a sparkling, elegant & refreshing non-alcoholic drink.


Each small batch is bottled in reusable 330ml glass bottles. Serve chilled as is or mixed with your favourite gin.


Depending on the season, flavours include: 

  • Garden Lemonade, made with lemon verbena, lemongrass, & lemon myrtle

  • St Clements, made with orange, lemons and mandarins

  • Lillypilly & Strawberry Gum, locally foraged from the St George area

  • Mixed Berry, made with raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and loganberry

  • Finger Lime & Geraldton Wax, homegrown by the makers

  • Rhubarb & Rose Geranium, homegrown by the makers

  • Mulberry, foraged from the local St George area

  • Elderflower, late summer seasonal, grown by the makers

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